Building Access

Security access cards are necessary for an individual to gain access to the building without prior notification and approval from an authorized tenant contact.

All access cards will be programmed within the security system identifying the cardholder name, tenant name, and their respective access level. Tenants have the option of using their own keycard system and issuing their own keycards for tenant entry door card readers. Building Management will work with each tenant to establish a keycard system that is compatible with the building’s system.

If there is a revocation of a security access card and/or dismissal of an employee, the card should be confiscated by the employer.  The Management Office should be notified immediately, in writing or verbally, stating the name of the cardholder’s card that has been confiscated. This information will allow the card to be de-activated, thus denying access to the building.

Banned employees or visitors can be registered in the Visitor Management System. Follow the normal registration procedure and select “Banned!” as the visitor type.  


  • All visitors are required to check-in at the security desk located in the Dearborn lobby. Each tenant is required to pre-register their guest prior to arrival using the building’s computerized Visitor Management System. Contact the Management Office to set up approved employees to use this system.
  • Should a visitor request access to the building that has not been pre-registered, a security officer or the tenant visitor coordinator will contact the applicable tenant contact person for authorization. Please understand that your visitors may be delayed in the lobby during this authorization process.


  • The loading dock hours are 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. Use during normal business hours will not be exclusive; however, exclusive use may be permitted after normal business hours, as all after-hours usage must be reserved in advance with the Management Office.


  • Citadel Center’s garage is open to the public and is managed by LAZ. All rates are posted at the garage entrance and in the garage elevator lobbies. Validations can also be purchased in advance from the Garage Manager for visitors to use as cash upon exiting. The garage also offers a full car wash and detailing program. Call (312) 267-6867 or e-mail for information.
  • For additional information pertaining to the parking garage, please refer to the Amenities section of this manual.


  • Passenger elevators to the low-rise, mid-rise, high-rise and parking garage are accessible during normal building hours. Access to the passenger elevators after-hours is controlled by a security access control system.
  • Freight elevators are only accessible with a security access card. All after-hours freight elevator access must be scheduled in advance with the Management Office.

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