Mail Services

For the security and convenience of our tenants, a Messenger Center has been established at the property located on the loading dock. The Messenger Center staff intercepts messengers and delivery personnel, eliminating their access to tenant space. Each envelope and/or package is documented for tracking and dispatching purposes and is delivered by the messenger center staff. Activity reports for your office and/or proof of deliveries can be furnished upon request.

Inbound packages are delivered to tenant spaces on average of fifteen (15) minutes from the time the item has been received. Outgoing packages are retrieved from tenant spaces and kept secure in the Messenger Center, releasing them to the approved messenger service or delivery representative. Tenants or tenants’ messenger service will be required to notify the Messenger Center of outbound envelopes and packages. You can contact the Messenger Center directly at (312) 267-6861.

In addition, Messenger Center staff receive all United States Postal Service (USPS) mail addressed to 131 South Dearborn and deliver it directly to each tenant, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays. USPS mail will not be received and/or delivered on Saturdays. USPS will pick up all outgoing mail from the building mailboxes located on level one, across from the parking shuttle elevators. Tenants are responsible for depositing outgoing mail into these mailboxes. Note that the boxes only accept letters and envelopes and that no boxes are to be placed in front of the mailboxes.

Please note that the Message Center is available from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday except legal holidays. No messenger deliveries are permitted before or after these times.

All air delivery services, such as Airborne Express, DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. may deliver packages directly to tenant spaces via the dock entrance and freight elevator(s). Air delivery service mailboxes are located off the Dearborn lobby across from the parking shuttle elevators.

Please note that no packages will be delivered into or out of the building through the main lobby. All deliveries must be directed to the building loading dock.

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