Building Recycling Program


The building will remove trash from all tenant spaces Monday through Friday. We request that all tenants separate regular trash from recyclables. Please note that the building will provide desk-side recycling containers for paper, as well as large recycling containers for the comingled collection of aluminum, plastic and glass. Special arrangement for the recycling of, batteries, electronics and compost may also be arranged. Please contact the Management Office at (312) 357-2955 for any special requests.

Cleaning crews have been instructed to dispose of all items within a trash and/or recycling receptacle. No additional items will be disposed of unless identified by a “throw out” sticker, which may be obtained from the Management Office. Tenants shall not place any trash outside of their Leased Premises (such as common area corridors, lobby, freight elevators, etc.).

Excessive amounts of trash may be thrown away by the cleaning crew if properly marked; however, the tenant may incur an additional service charge. Please note that no furniture may be thrown away in the building’s compactor(s), tenants will need to arrange for removal of these items (i.e., moving company, scavenger service, etc.).

Recyclable items consist of the following: copier paper, computer paper, laser printer paper, white and colored paper, glossy paper, junk mail, magazines, all envelopes, newspaper, brochures, post-it notes, blue prints, cardboard, etc. Paperclips, staples, rubber bands and envelope windows do not need to be removed. All aluminum cans, tin, steel and bi-metal cans, food and beverage cans, plastic and glass containers can also be recycled through the large recycling bins placed in the tenant’s designated area. Please rinse and empty all food/beverage containers before recycling. Contact the Management Office at (312) 357-2955 to empty full containers.